Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Does Cocaine Cause Diarrhea Or Acne During A Binge?

Once again we will go over the damaging effects of cocaine on this site and apart from the drug being illicit, we urge you to stop consuming this substance or seek professional medical help. Throughout this site posts have been made on this subject to help visitors understand the dangers of such a substance. Due to the drug being so common we hope this information is an eye opener and helps you overcome these problems as soon as possible. If you have a friend who is addicted then please get that person the professional help they need. Addiction is a tough uphill battle which can consume a person to beat the problem. 

As we have emphasized frequently on this site cocaine is an illicit and damaging drug to consume which has various negative effects on the human body. This drug can cause complications and therefore cocaine can cause diarrhea and skin problems such as acne. All humans are different it can mean that illicit substances such as cocaine affect people differently, however from the research I have performed online it is common for bouts of diarrhea or skin problems to follow such consumption. From the comments online people with acne notice that their condition worsens after consuming this substance and it can cause pimples. 

It is important to remember that apart from having negative effects on all organs in the human body and potentially leading to complications and fatalities, it is natural for the human body to react in unnatural ways when an illicit substance enters the body.

Another important bit of advice is if you are concerned you have a drug problem then seek professional medical help. If you are also asking whether illicit substances such as cocaine can cause such symptoms then it might be an indication that help is needed. I wish you all the best and hope this information is useful. It seems common that illicit drug users experience bouts of diarrhea and skin problems due to the strenuous nature these substances have on the human body.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Can You Drink Alcohol When On Anti Depressants or Anxiety Medication?

A few questions being asked this week focus on drinking alcohol when on anti depressants or anxiety medication. This can’t be done and it does interfere with your medication. Some medications can cause fatal reactions or serious complications as a result of drinking alcohol with antidepressants or anxiety medications. If you are asking yourself this question and researching online to find the answer, well you won’t find the answer. You need to go back to your local medical professional as soon as possible to get the right answer.

Now if you are allowed to have a few drinks while on antidepressants than it is likely that you will get intoxicated a lot faster than previously. Furthermore you will most likely not be able to drink anything if you are on this medication. Drinking alcohol when on anti depressants or anxiety medication can prove fatal. After spending a few hours researching this topic It has come to my attention that different medications react differently to consuming alcohol and all the consequences are bad. Some lead to complications and drinking with other anti depressant or anxiety medications can also prove fatal.

Antidepressants and Anxiety medications aren’t designed to work with alcohol and for these medications to work to optimum levels you need to stay away from all forms of alcohol and recreational drugs. By consuming alcohol or mixing drugs, this can be extremely dangerous and can even lead to fatalities. This is why it is so important to go back to your doctor or local medical professional to speak about what you can and can’t do when on these kinds of medications.

I am not qualified enough to offer specific advice, however the brief advice I can offer is to not drink alcohol at all when on anti depressants or anxiety medication. From the research I have performed this does seem to be the correct answer.

In the rare chance your doctor says it is okay to drink alcohol while on this medication (highly unlikely), it is well documented that hangovers for these people are a lot worse than normal. It is also common for someone who is consuming alcohol while on this medication to become intoxicated a lot quicker than normal as well.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Tequila Curse. How to Beat A Tequila Hangover The Natural Way.

Tequila is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. It is consumed around the world and is widely known as a party drink which is consumed in shot glasses. Tequila originates in Mexico and has a very high alcohol content which is usually between 30 and 55% alcohol. The high alcohol level is the reason why hangovers after a night of consuming tequila can be so bad. Tequila is widely consumed across the world and not just in the USA, Mexico, UK or Australia. This is a very common hangover and a painful one so I hope the following article helps you feel fresh the next morning or day. 

As usual we can go over some techniques to alleviate a nasty tequila hangover however I will offer some tips on how to avoid this for future social gatherings first. Next time you drink tequila try add some water to your shots. I know it will look bad but even a little bit of water per shot can’t be noticed if you do it secretly. If you are at a bar and don’t want to do that then simply have a glass of water in between each shot you consume. Alcohol is a diuretic so it drains all the water from your body. By consuming a glass of water for each alcoholic drink you consume it will make a big difference on how you feel the next morning. Don’t over drink so you feel bloated or sick but drink enough water so your body isn’t dehydrated. By drinking water when you are drinking, this will also help you avoid the effects of alcohol such as slurring your speech or acting silly. 

Apart from this the best thing to do the next day when you are struggling from a tequila hangover is the usual, plenty of water and sleep. From the research I have undertaken to write this post over the past couple of hours it seems that hot tea works well with a tequila hangover and soup. This is personal preference though from the different message boards across the internet. A lot of people think the hangover is causing them pain when actually it can also be influenced by a lack of sleep. So make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep and that should help you feel better sooner rather than later. 

So if you are reading this and you are hungover at the moment then don’t feel bad you will be feeling better each hour, that is the positive way of looking at it when you have a hangover. My personal preferences are a lot of water, sleep and sometimes i like to go for a run to sweat out the toxins. However this is rather strenuous and is just due to my personal preference.

How To Live With A Heroin Addict. How To Love A Heroin Addict.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to live or love a heroin addict. It seems that many marriages continue and relationships continue despite a person being addicted to heroin. It is a lengthy and difficult process to try get that person you love to come clean which will occur when they fully beat their addiction. There is a series of steps to go through when it comes to living with or loving a heroin addict. Whether your family member, husband, wife or friend has a heroin addiction you need to consider all aspects of what the addiction is. 

After performing hours of research it seems the best thing to do is be understanding and not to judge the addiction and the difficult times the person is going through. Withdrawal symptoms can change a persons state of mind to the point where they act or say something that they don’t mean. If they are continuing to use heroin then the so called fix will also change the way the person acts. It is therefore a good idea to read up on how a person will act when they are going through withdrawal symptoms or when they are in fact high from a fix. Once again as I always emphasize on this site we don’t condone the use of illicit substances and the information provided on this site aims to help those overcome addiction and feel healthy again. I simply try to help all readers by performing countless hours of personal research in an attempt to help the reading community. 

Apart from this you need to acknowledge there is a problem and try get the person you love or live with help to overcome a heroin addiction. Any person using heroin needs immediate, professional medical help. This could involve professional rehabilitation and it needs to be done soon to ensure no complications develop. Heroin can prove fatal as a result of complications and it often destroys all types of relationships and life plans. It is one of the most addictive and damaging drugs across society in the current day. 

The main technique you need to perform when living or loving a heroin addict is to be understanding. Most people who attempt to beat a heroin addiction fail the first time when they try to detox so also keep that in mind. Apart from that if the person continues to fail please seek professional medical help. From all the research I have done I can only advise you to seek professional medical help as soon as possible if you are living with or love a heroin user, or even if you are just concerned with a person using heroin. Time is important and the sooner professional medical help is received the better the addicted person will be in terms of beating their addiction. I wish you the best of health and hope this article was helpful. I base all my answers on emails and popular questions so please have a read through this site. Once again we advise against all potential drug use and the information provided aims to improve the health of readers, attempting them to beat addictions or advising them on how to treat loved ones who are battling addictions. I wish you the best for the new year.

Advice on Cocaine Energy Drinks and The Hangover It Creates. Can You Drink Cocaine?

As I have mentioned often this site aims to help all readers. One email we received this week was can you drink cocaine and will this cause a hangover. Let me say from the research I have performed some people do indeed do this however i highly recommend you don’t. Apart from being an illicit substance this is so harmful and degrading for the body the hangover will be the least of your worries. It seems as though some people are mixing cocaine with drink substances such as alcohol and calling it an energy drink. Well this couldn’t be far enough from the truth.

Apart from not giving your body any extra energy this is very unhealthy and I would advise you not to do this. I am shocked by the amount of emails that have been sent around regarding this and I am also shocked that this is common. According to the research I have performed this is very common it seems.

From a medical perspective based on the research I have performed over the past few hours when cocaine is taken orally it can prove fatal. This is the point of this post. I am advising you against taking this substance in any form. It is highly likely that you might need addiction help or professional rehabilitation treatment if you are consuming this substance. If it is for someone you love such as a family member or friend then it is highly likely that they need help to beat this addiction.

Helping someone you love who is battling an addiction can be a very tough situation. Sometimes you might feel as if you were better off not helping, however the truth is if someone needs help they aren’t going to like hearing you saying they do. So contact their other friends and family if they know what is happening and attempt to intervene together. As i often mention on this site we advise you to seek professional medical rehabilitation. I have performed hours of research to help answer a series of questions that have been emailed. In comparison the staff at rehabilitation facilities have studied the subject full time for up to five years so they are more qualified to help you overcome such difficulties.

I would like to emphasize that I am not judging anyone who is taking such a substance. The aim of this site is not to judge anyone but to perform research and to hopefully help with the information provided. So once again if you are consuming this so called ‘cocaine energy drink’ then please reconsider as it can lead to complications and prove fatal. Despite the substance being illicit your health if your greatest asset. I wish you the best of luck in the future with your health or the health of your loved one. This is a common problem across society and I hope everyone has a great new year.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Does Heroin Cause A Hangover. Breaking the morning After Heroin Myth.

Heroin is one of the most addictive and toxic illegal drugs in the world. If you are taking heroin then you really need help. Help can’t be achieved from simple reading online, you will need to see a medical professional to help you overcome this addiction. I am not qualified to explain how to overcome an addiction to heroin and i don’t want to attempt to provide you with a solution, because the issue can be so serious and even fatal in some situations. If you have a loved one, family or friend who is addicted to heroin then seek professional help for them as soon as possible. On the other subject the topic is can heroin cause a hangover the next morning and the answer is definetely yes.

Heroin can make you feel terrible the next morning and from the research I have performed the hangover is one of the most serious. Due to the seriousness of Heroin and addiction that comes from this illicit drug, those affected will need to often seek professional help and attend a rehabilitation facility. This can be extremely expensive however at the end of the program it will be very rewarding for you friend or family member to live a clean life. Heroin is a major problem across society in most countries throughout the world. There are several documentaries on the internet which attempt to inform you about the dangers of this drug. It is really eye opening and scary to see what Heroin can do to you.

In saying this if you are addicted to heroin or a family member or friend is then stay positive. Each day thousands of people across the world overcome heroin addictions, however the battle can be long and enduring for some. It is good to recognize that this can be beaten with the right professional medical program. I encourage you to research professional medical rehabilitation facilities as the staff at these facilities have often studied for years to learn how to best treat someone who has an addiction.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

How To Beat A Hangover At Work. Feel Fresh At Work After A Big Night

We have all been hungover at work and the feeling can be described as terrible. Knowing you have to get work done and function at optimal levels, without giving people the impression you went out the night before and had a big night and that you are now hungover. Well I have been in this situation many times before and I can offer some good advice. 

The first thing I do is make sure I have a coffee in the morning and I usually have more coffee on a hungover day then I would on a normal day. Normally i only have one coffee in the morning but if i am hungover and can’t rest and sleep off the bad feelings, then I will make sure I have three coffees at work. The caffeine does help me stay alert but I also make sure i am regularly having glasses of water. Everyone is different but i find this works for me. 

Also make sure you have breakfast before you start work if you have a hangover. The reason is the quicker you get into the normal process of eating the quicker you will begin to feel good again. Try not make it obvious that you have a hangover a good excuse to tell your boss is that you were up the night before with a stomach bug and you are still feeling tired and weak as a result of this. The sooner people know this it will be a good excuse in case your work isn’t up to your normal standards. 

The best thing is to get through the day and do the best work you can possibly do. The good thing is the day will be over and you will be feeling a lot better with your hangover being nearly gone. If you are upset with yourself because you have had a hangover at work then be positive. In December a lot of companies have multiple Christmas parties so especially during this festive month a lot of other employees will be feeling bad as well.